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Kydden | Cattle Dog/Lab  | 4 years old


Meet Kydden (Kiddin’)!

This beautiful girl is ready for a new home. Kydden adores people! She loves pretty much anyone she has met. She is very high energy and will do best with a family that is very active. Because of her energy, we don’t recommend a family with small children, as she hasn’t mastered the art of staying calm and collected, and she is very solidly built.

While she loves people to pieces, sadly she does not feel the same way about her canine counterparts. She is dog reactive, and we recommend she be an only dog, and be kept from close encounters with other dogs. It is possible she will be ok with some dogs, but it would be best to have a trainer work with her to determine that. She does do okay with kitties, doesn’t really pay much attention other than to check them out a bit if they run.

Kydden is very smart. She went through obedience training, and retained what she did learn, but had a hard time paying attention because of the other dogs, so didn’t graduate at the top of her class. She will need a strong pack leader who can keep her focused and on track.

We aren’t sure if Kydden likes to swim as she hasn’t been around a pool or lake, but she does like to stand in the doggie pool and drink, kind of like a tourist standing in the ocean with their tropical cocktail.

Miss Kydden suffered from extreme anxiety when she came to us. While she does still have some anxious moments, and may be anxious in a new home, she has come a long way and would absolutely become comfortable in a new environment with lots of patience and love. She has been in boarding and kennel situations (short stays) to help with that, and has done very well!

Currently, Kydden is healing from a partial ACL tear. We were able to avoid surgery by having her fitted with a custom brace that allows good movement but keeps the leg stable. She is still wearing this if she goes on walks or plays outside for an extended length of time (doesn’t happen much in the summer). Aside from bursting at the seams with energy, she seems to be doing very well. She hasn’t limped much since she was fitted with the brace, and doesn’t mind it horribly, but is very happy to have it off.

We know the perfect home is out there for her somewhere! She really is a great girl and would love nothing more than to hang out with her people all day. We do think she will benefit from more training, which would also be a great bonding experience with her. **** If you are interested in Kydden and think you may be a great home for her, fill out our online application or email VALLEYDOGS@VALLEYDOGS.ORG and see if you are a match!

Kydden | Cattle Dog/Lab | 4 years old

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