Mavi & Paisley | Bonded Pair | Adult

Please meet Paisley and Mavi, a bonded pair! Mavi is 9 years old and Paisley is 4 years old.

Mavi keeps a very close eye on Paisley to make sure she is safe and behaving. When Paisley gets out of line Mavi is quick to correct her.

Mavi is a laplander, a total love. She had to have a full dental when she came into our rescue, her teeth were so bad, the jaw bone was beginning to deteriorate due to infection. Mavi had to have all her teeth removed but still loves to eat and is doing well!

Paisley is much more independent and adventurous. She is silly and likes to play keep the ball away from everyone. Both girls thrive on attention. ***If you would like to meet these bonded adorable girls, please email for an adoption application.

Mavi & Paisley | Bonded Pair | Adult

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