Vets and Their Petssm

We have been busy helping our Veterans and their Pets.

Please see our Volunteer page as our Veterans need you!

We have spent the last many months helping our Veterans.  Gary is now in an apartment with Libby.  Libby has been working on her therapy badge so she can visit our Veterans in the hospital.  She has come a long ways and is doing great.

A special thanks to Therese of Little Girl, Big Attitude Chocolates for taking in Sirius and Licorice. Their gulf war Veteran mom has had extensive back surgeries and she has been at the VA hospital for months. Veterans and Their Petssm was lucky to have such a great friend that would commit to long-term fostering of the dogs while mom recovered.

On July 10, 2011 Tiffany (chocolate lab mix) took a LONG flight home to be repatriated with her dad in Tampa Florida. She did great and got gold stars from the flight crew. Dad went to Florida for rehabilitation and completed it in late June.  They now live with her dad's parents who were very grateful to get a new family member.

Lucky, a Jack Russell, mix was neutered, chipped and had his shots updated in May. Tiger, a big domestic cat, had all of his shots updated in June.  We have Russo scheduled for neuter and shots in July.

**URGENT: Roxy is in GREAT need.  She needs a foster home immediately as she is in a kennel.  Her brother Buddy was placed in a new home in early July and now she is alone.  Yes she is an older gal but she greatly deserves a place to live out her years.  Her dad had heart surgery, a heart attack and lost his home.

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Facebook: Valley Dog Rescue (Phoenix, AZ)


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Our goal is to bring awareness and give support to a little known issue of the pets that Vets own and are forgotten / lost due to system restrictions. Help us help as many Vets and their Petssm as possible.  Foster, donate, attend fund raisers or pass along this information.  Help us help them.

Please see the story of Gary and his dog Libby by clicking here.