Hello.  I am Ray-Ray.  They say dynamite comes in small packages and sometimes I can live up to that.  I am a tiny mite – right about 4 lbs. – but sometimes I think I am a big boy.  All-in-all I am good natured. Occasionally, I can have a bit of small man syndrome, but when I am appropriately corrected I back right off.  I am a typical Chihuahua.  I like to be up by you on the couch, but I don’t necessarily want to cuddle all the time.  I am happy to snuggle in the corner of the couch next to you, and I will insist on sleeping in bed with you - on the pillow or under the covers if it is cold – but snuggle time is on my terms.  If I’m not in the mood, I don’t much want to.  But luckily, I am part of a bonded pair and my brother, James, is more than happy to fulfill any lap dog needs.

Due to my extremely small size I will need to be in a home with older children who understand how easily a tiny-mite like me could be hurt if not handled correctly.  I will also need to be in a home with a very secure yard.  Being as tiny as I am, I have been known to slip through the littlest of openings if so motivated.  I will also need someone who stay close to me outside at all times, or who has a covered dog run.  Because of how little I am, I could be easy prey for local raptors or even a neighborhood feral animal.  I am very cute as small as I am, but being my human will come with a willingness to take extra care and precautions on my behalf. 

Although I can be a bit bossy at times, I am doing well with all the other foster dogs at my house.  Sometimes I get verbal with them, but being as small as I am I need to let them know if I am curled up in the corner of the couch or under a blanket on the bed so I don’t get stepped on.  Also, I need to let them know I will hold my ground so I don’t get pushed around.  It is hard being this little in a world full of big things.

Can you provide the loving, protective home I will need?

Wouldn’t you like to meet this pup?? If so, please complete an adoption interest form and email crystallarnold@msn.com.   

Breed: Chihuahua mix

Sex: Male

Age: 2.5 Years

Size/Weight: 5 pounds

Ok with olderChildren

Good with dogs / Unsure about cats

Special Needs: None

Contact for More Information:

Additional Information: Download Adoption Interest form and email to: crystallarnold@msn.com