Jovi is a 6 year old Basenji / Terrier mix. She loves to play with stuffed squeaky toys and go for walks. She has a lot of energy but is happy to settle down for a nap when you are done playing with her. She also likes to burrow under the covers in bed at night. If you don't want a dog in your bed she probably isn't the one for you.

I haven't had her around children but I think she would be okay with older kids. The young ones might be too rough and that would scare her.

She has spent limited time around other animals. She seems uninterested in cats, is fine with smaller dogs but does not like the big dogs.

If you decide she's the one for you she will be fearful at first but as she gets comfortable and starts to relax her cute personality will come out. She can be very entertaining!

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Breed: Basenji / Terrier mix

Sex: Female

Age: 6 Year

Size/Weight: 30 Pounds

With Children: Good with older children

Good with other Pets: Good with smaller dogs / Unsure about Cats

Special Needs: None

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