Hercules had once roamed the streets in search of food, water, and adventure. Running around for weeks at least. One day he was offered a bowl of clean water, which was followed by food, he gratefully ate and drank. He was scared and hurt though, but he was happy for the nurishment and cool drink, but he was still scared, He had been hurt by something before possibly a cat, another dog, or possibly a very mean human, and bore scars. That night food and water was replenished he decided to stay and sleep on a plant, in the morning he decided he liked people and that he may like to be part of a family. He was bathed and fed and petted, however the lady that found him has a dog of her own, who sadly doesn't take kindly to having to share love. She told little Hercules that she would help him to find a forever family.

He requests, that he be given ear scratches, food, after pooping treats, a calm quiet home and lots of love. He has a sharp sounding little bark, so even the lady who found him who is partially deaf can hear him. He is protective, and would love to be the man of someone's house, He is somewhat scared of blenders, hand drills, the garbage truck and vacuum cleaners noises.

He is a very good boy who just wants to be loved. He enjoys walks and gets excited and does a little hopping in excitement. He has a lot of love to give, can someone love him back?

Wouldn’t you like to meet this pup?? If so, please complete an adoption interest form and email debra.vdr@cox.net.   

Breed: Terrier Mix

Sex: Male

Age: 2 Years

Size/Weight: 16 pounds

Ok with older Children due to size

Good with smaller dogs / Unknown about cats

Special Needs: None

Contact for More Information:

Additional Information: Download Adoption Interest form and email to: debra.vdr@cox.net