My name is Dax.  Any Star Trek Deep Space Nine fans out there?  Well, here I am and this is my story.  I was with my original dad for many years.  Then, his young daughter needed to move in with him and she was extremely allergic to dogs, which meant he had to make a hard choice.  Although he did not want to lose me, he reached out to the rescue community so I did not have to go to someplace called “the pound”.   At the moment I am with a good foster family, but would really like my own family again.

I am a very good and sweet boy.  I am completely house broken and hold it until I can be taken outside (within reason of course.  Everyone has his limits.).  I am not an “in your face” or “nervous” chi.  I  prefer to curl up next to you on the couch instead of being in your lap all the time.  Don’t take that to mean I am standoff-ish – I am not.  I want to be next to you as much as possible – I just don’t have to be smack dab in the middle of your lap.  I do not jump up on the couch, but wait for you to tell me it is okay by picking me up.  I love to sleep snuggled up with you at night.

I enjoy my walks.  My original dad would often take me walking without a lead (this is NOT recommended for the safety of any dog), and would let me run around but I would stay close to him and come right back when called if I wondered too far.  I do like to have my little bursts of “zoom-zoom” to expend my energy, and then I am good with being a cozy couch potato the rest of the day.

I get along well with the other foster dogs in the home, as long as they don’t accidentally lay on me, and then I snarl to tell them to be aware of where I am.  I am an older boy, but don’t let that fool you, I have lots of life and love yet to give.

For more information or to meet me, please complete an Adoption Interest form and please email crystallarnold@msn.com

Breed: Chihuahua Mix

Sex: Male

Age: 10 Years

Size/Weight: 8 pounds

With Children: Good with older children

Good with other Pets: Great with dogs / Good with Cats

Special Needs: None

Contact for More Information: crystallarnold@msn.com

Additional Information: Download Adoption Interest form and email to: crystallarnold@msn.com