Veterans and Their PetsSM

We have have a very busy November and December. Many veterans and their animals have been assisted in conjunction with the VA.

On December 22, a great group of people helped gather goods for 3 Veterans is great need of a better holiday. All had just recently been homeless and were moving into their new homes with little to nothing. This great group brought furniture, food, clothing and goodies to help them get on their feet. Attached (click HERE) is a summary and pictures.

Thank you Arizona Catering, Insight Management, Mick Treadwell,JuliaWesley and all of the volunteers and contributors that made this possible Elray's son on his new bike. ---------->

All of these families are having a better holiday thanks to you!

Pease see our Volunteer page as our Veterans need you! WE NEED FOSTERS! Fostering is a 30 to 90 day commitment. Help a Veteran get the medical treatment they need knowing their animals are cared for.

    BILLY: We have spent the last many months helping our Veterans.  Billy and Copper not only got off the street (they were homeless) but they together completed a half way house reeducation program and now have their own home.  Thanks to the VA, Cross Roads and Veterans and Their PetsSM Billy is now very happy and has is service dog Copper with him all the time.

   Gary: Gary and Libby now have moved into a bigger place with a friend.  Gary has added Hamilton (a special needs Chihuahua mix) to his pack.  He has paid off his truck and is well on the road to self sufficiency.  See the video (click here) to understand how Gary has come from homeless to being hit by a car and now if on his feet thanks to the VA and Veterans and Their PetsSM.

Hope was adopted but Princess is looking for a home!! They are a Veterans pets that now need new homes.  We have been helping Steve with his 4 girls for 2 years. We provided vetrinary care, boarding and food to ensure they were safe. Sadly their loving dad Steve lost his battle and passed in November 2013. One of the 4 girls he loved so much, Sophia Maria, died 2 days after this picture below was taken and just a few weeks after Steve. She and Steve will be laid to rest together. Help us get Hope and Princess into new loving homes.

Veterans and Their PetsSM has been very active and is currently helping multiple Veterans by fostering their animals while their mom or dad is in the VA hospital.  We currently have more than 7 animals in out care looking for fosters.  Each needs a foster for about 90 days.  Currently they are in a kennel and would greatly appreciate a loving temporary home.

Vets and their PetsSM has a strong social media presence.  For more information and to become involved, please visit:

Facebook: Vets and Their Pets

Facebook: Valley Dog Rescue (Phoenix, AZ)


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Our goal is to bring awareness and give support to a little known issue of the pets that Vets own and are forgotten / lost due to system restrictions. Help us help as many Vets and their Petssm as possible.  Foster, donate, attend fund raisers or pass along this information.  Help us help them.

Thank you PetMeds for your generous donation.

Please see the story of Gary and his dog Libby by clicking here.