Vets and their Petssm need you!

Help Valley Dogs support Veterans through our Vets and their PetsSM initiative! There are hundreds of homeless vets in Phoenix who need help with their pets.  Often transitional housing will not allow them to bring their pets with them, thus there is a great need for foster care while their owner gets on their feet.  These folks, who care so much for their pets, also need assistance with medical care, food and other pet care.  Please see the story of Gary and his dog Libby by clicking here.

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Valley Dogs Rescue is calling on all animal rescues in the Phoenix area to pitch in and help a Vet and their Pet. Keep an animal from ending up at an adoption center and being ripped away from their owner by offering temporary housing.  Give animals a chance with their owners.  If you are not with a rescue, but are committed and willing to foster a pet, please come forward.  We are working with the VA to identify Vets in need who have a pet at risk.

Our goal is to bring awareness and give support to a little known issue of the pets that Vets own and are forgotten / lost due to system restrictions. Help us help as many Vets and their PetsSM as possible.  Foster, donate, attend fund raisers or pass along this information.  Help us help them.