Vets and Their PetsSM

Vets and Their PetsSM also known as Veterans and Their PetsSM operates under the non-profit umbrella of of Valley Dogs Rescue, a 501(c)(3) non-profit (EIN:26-0896950), no-kill, all volunteer animal rescue organization. Our focus is to support for the animals of Veterans in need by providing veterinary care, temporary housing and food. We are based in Phoenix Arizona and are working with the Veterans Association and Veterans support organizations to identify those in need throughout the Phoenix area. We are coordinating support from other non-profit organizations that will also be providing food and other services to the Veterans animals. We are seeking support from others to help us with community outreach, transportation and foster care for a Veterans animal. We have over 40 years of combined rescue experience and knowledge.

Vets and Their PetsSM provides temporary housing, veterinary care and food for animals of Veterans in need. We will spay/neuter and provide basic shots for a Veterans animal. Our primary focus is homeless Veterans or Veterans in transitional housing needing assistance. The core focus is to ensure that a Veteran will seek medical care for their needs while we provide care for their animals. Additionally we will support Veterans that are in transitional housing by providing a home for their animal until they obtain permanent housing that will allow the animal to live with them.

In 2011 Valley Dogs Rescue received a call from the Phoenix VA homeless director requesting immediate assistance with Copper (a beautiful big pup) because her dad, Billy, needed to be hospitalized.¬† Billy was living across from the VA at a gas station in the dumpster area with Copper. Valley Dogs arranged for Copper to be transferred to a boarding facility until a temporary foster could be found. While in Valley Dog’s care, her shots were updated and she was bathed, micro chipped and spayed. Just prior to Thanksgiving, Valley Dogs reunited Copper with her dad. Since she had just been fixed and it was cold and rainy, they could not have her living on the street. So, Valley Dogs placed them in a hotel and worked with the VA to find them a halfway house. Space was available but not for both dad and Copper. This was not acceptable to her dad and he would choose to live on the street. ¬†Valley Dogs and the VA worked together until they found a program that would accept both Copper and dad. This was the start of the VA and Valley Dogs Rescue relationship that blossomed into Vets and Their PetsSM; which continues to operate under the Valley Dogs, Inc. non-profit umbrella supporting Veterans and their Pets.

Vets and Their PetsSM has many volunteer opportunities available with flexible schedules. We can use all skills and interest levels and any amount of time you can offer. Additionally we always need foster families to care for dogs while a permanent family is found. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more. You may call us or email our volunteer coordinator at:

Vets and their Petssm has a strong social media presence.  For more information and to become involved, please visit:

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Our goal is to bring awareness and give support to a little known issue of the pets that Vets own and are forgotten / lost due to system restrictions. Help us help as many Vets and their Petssm as possible.  Foster, donate, attend fund raisers or pass along this information.  Help us help them.

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